Champions program

Help k6 strengthen the community

The k6 Champions Program aims to recognize experts within our community to amplify their contributions and partner with the k6 team

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Champion's benefits

Our goal is to partner with you providing resources and dedicated assistance to teach and spread the word about k6

  • k6 Cloud

    Free access to k6 Cloud for educational purposes

  • Support

    Support from the k6 team including product, DevRel and engineering

  • Private channel

    Private slack channel for networking opportunities and collaborations

  • Collaboration

    Work together with the k6 team on content and advocacy activities

  • Educational resources

    An information packet to help with giving presentations or workshops

  • Community events

    Join us in participating in k6 events and Office Hours

  • Promotion

    Ambassador highlight on

  • Swag

    Exclusive k6 champion swag

  • Free ticket

    Free ticket to Grafana Labs conferences

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What are the expectations?

We expect our champions to be frequent contributors who play an essential role in the k6 community across the globe.

A k6 Champion should, at least, contribute to four activities per year:

  • Connecting k6 to various testing and dev communities

  • Being a guest in k6 Office Hours or Community Calls

  • Speaking at meet-ups or conferences

  • Writing blogs or creating videos

Apart from the activities mentioned above, we are open to other suggestions as well. Let us know what you are thinking and we will work together on your idea!

Meet our k6 champions

  • John Hill

    John Hill

  • Carlos Gauto

    Carlos Gauto

  • Jose Luis Latorre

    Jose Luis Latorre

  • Krzysztof Widera

    Krzysztof Widera

  • José Wenceslao Castillo

    José Wenceslao Castillo

  • Anisbert Suárez Batista

    Anisbert Suárez Batista

  • Jaswanth Manigundan

    Jaswanth Manigundan

  • Enes Kühn

    Enes Kühn

  • Ioannis Papadakis

    Ioannis Papadakis

  • Yusuf Tayman

    Yusuf Tayman

  • Rafał Krząpa

    Rafał Krząpa

  • Sarah Zipkin

    Sarah Zipkin

  • Ziv Kalderon

    Ziv Kalderon

  • Sahani Perera

    Sahani Perera

  • Donald Le

    Donald Le

  • Marlo Henrique

    Marlo Henrique

  • Grzegorz Piechnik

    Grzegorz Piechnik

  • Huzaifa Asif

    Huzaifa Asif

  • Bartosz Ciach

    Bartosz Ciach

  • Monish Correia

    Monish Correia

  • Paul Maxwell-Walters

    Paul Maxwell-Walters

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